Living Room Progress

Today I’m going to share the progress of our living room before I get bored and want to switch things up. Caleb my brother and photographer came over to get some pics, and with this being his first interior shoot, I think he did an amazeballs job!

We really loved the bones of this home, but the finishes just weren’t “us”. Luckily the whole house (aside from the kitchen and bathrooms) had carpet which made it super easy to rip out and put down tile (wrote about that here). The rest was a matter of furnishing, which took far longer than I expected, and adding a fresh coat of paint. As I have mentioned before Travis accidently deleted our before pictures (poor guy will never live that down) so I had to get most of these from the MLS listing which means they are terrible quality, but you get the idea.

It took us me forever to furnish it (and it’s still not complete) but here is what it looks like today.

Source List:

  • All the accessories are from TJ Maxx, Home Goods, or Target
  • The couch is from West Elm (Henry Sofa but it doesn’t look like they I have the color I got anymore)
  • The leather chairs are from a local furniture store. I originally didn’t want any leather but Trav insisted and I’m actually glad we got them so he can sit in them when he is dirty, eating, ect.
  • The coffee and end table are part of the Paula Deen collection. Her stuff is great quality which means it’s also a little pricy but look for sales. I’ve even seen her furniture on Joss & Main for almost half the price!
  • I forgot where I ordered the rug from but I found them here. This thing has been great! No problems with staining, even after we potty trained our second Yorkie.
  • The light is another Lamp’s Plus Purchase. Another place I always use coupons!
  • And the mirrors above the leather chairs are from Target. (I can’t find them online but originally bought them in-store)

If I left anything out just ask. Hope everyone is having a great week, our weather here is in the 90’s this so I’ve been in a much better mood knowing Fall is right around the corner. And by around the corner I mean like 3 months away. 😉 Ahhh gotta love Phoenix!



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31 responses to “Living Room Progress

  1. It is absolutely gorgeous. I love your style and all of your furniture is so perfect for the room. Fabulous accessories also. Hugs, Marty

  2. Beautiful job! I love the leather chairs!

  3. LOVE it!! Your home is coming together so beautifully.

    I can’t wait to install wood tile in our home.

  4. This is one of my favorite blogger room reveals in a long while. It’s all very stylish, but it doesn’t look like it all came from one place (something I’m noticing a lot lately). It’s eclectic, while being cohesive. And I love the leather chairs.

  5. Kim

    How are the “wood” tiles holding up? We are thinking about having them installed in our house in Austin.

  6. Brittany

    Your home looks wonderful!! What is the wall color?

  7. Kari

    Your home is SO beautiful and full of light! I just love it, and want to move in immediately! ;p

  8. Your living room looks great. Are you happy with the Henry Sofa? West Elm has a sale going on now and I can’t decide. When I tried it in the store it was super comfortable. Is it good for lounging on? Do the cushions hold up?

    • We really like it! Everything has held up a lot better than expected. One of our yorkies even had an accident on it when he was a puppy and it completely came out and never soaked through! And we totally lounge on it, although I will admit I put my feet up on the coffee table which makes it much better comfort-wise. The back cushions get a little lumpy but we flip them around every few weeks and it seems to do the trick. Over-all a great couch that we have been really happy with.


    I just love what you’ve done to your new home! I’ve been searching for a chandelier for my dining room. Do you have a close-up picture of the one you have hanging in your dining room? I love the one you have in your living room too! Also, what color is the rug that you ordered? Thank you for your help!


    Oh and what size rug did you buy for your home?

  11. Jessica

    I love your home makeover! It looks great! I also live in the valley and was wondering where you found your throw pillows that you have on your couch? Thanks!

  12. mallory

    What color paint are on the walls?

  13. Henry

    How long have you had the Henry sofa and how well has it held up? I was thinking of getting that one, but I’m wondering about the quality of it.

    • We’ve had the Henry Sofa for about a year now and it has held up pretty well for as messy as my hubby can be. 😉 The cushions get a little lumpy but flipping them every couple weeks seems to do the trick! Overall I am happy with it!

  14. Deanne

    Hi Kalie, Can you tell me what “white” you used for your trim work? Love your place! Thanks!!!

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  16. Peg

    I love your space. If you have already answered this, I apologize. I’m considering wood like tile, yet when I look at your tile they seem to vary in tones slightly. For instance, when I shop wood tiles they all look identical, yet your photo makes them feel more like real wood with some darker and lighter.
    Did they look the same before installing and this differentiation is a result of natural and other lighting?
    What is the name and where did you get your tiles?

  17. Anna

    does your sofa have a creamish/yellowish or greyish undertone? i’m looking for a similar sofa. i love your color scheme!

    • Thanks! Honestly it’s really pretty neutral, almost like a beige undertone! I think West Elm has fabric samples at the store if you want to see if the color is right for you. 🙂

  18. Meagan Buck

    Your home is gorgeous! You’ve done so much to spruce it up and take it way past builder basic! My husband and I just bought a fixer upper and I was wondering what color your ceilings are. They look lighter than the walls. I’m horrible at choosing paint colors. It makes it so much easier for me when talented people like you share!

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