Our Hand-Scraped… Porcelain Tile?

Do you love wood flooring but hate the maintenance it requires? Us too which is why we chose a porcelain tile that replicates real wood. This means I could do all the mopping I want and not have to fret about water damage. WOOT! So here’s a pic of us ripping out the old flooring… here you can see the hideous wood, which matched the hideous cabinets, which was in the hideous kitchen. And yes I was sitting in that chair… watching my hubby do all the work (don’t judge).

Okay so here is the hideous linoleum that was under the hideous wood. This is also a pic of my little toot who can’t seem to stay away from our exciting adventures (that’s my girl).

And here I am, off my chair, helping my hubby scrape the remaining pieces off the floor.

The next day we brought reinforcements… the father and father-in-law came to aid us in ripping out carpet, tack strip, baseboards, and glue remnants. UGH. So here is the before of the living room…

And here is the after… We are also putting in a custom entertainment center since the current one can’t house our TV, but we’ll get to that in another post.

Finally after day one we have the first few rows of tile done! Oh and did I mention my Dad used to be in flooring and saved us big bucks on installation by doing it himself? He also taught us   how to tile so we wouldn’t miss out on the fun (because tiling is SO fun). Catch my sarcasm?

So here we are pitching in! And as much as we’d like to take credit for that big chunk of tile that’s been placed, we really only laid a whopping 4 out of the 20 rows. So big thanks to my wonderful Dad who lays tile like a champ!

So we’re at the end and I bet you were expecting the pic of the finished product, but the truth is we still aren’t done. Turns out tiling isn’t as fun and entertaining as we thought. Nevertheless we have a goal of finishing… soon… hopefully! So check back for the big reveal! 🙂



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23 responses to “Our Hand-Scraped… Porcelain Tile?

  1. KATE

    What brand of ‘handscraped porcelain wood look” tiles did you buy? We are looking ALL around, and seriously, there are TOo choose from, and some cost 6 bucks per square foot, with another 6 per sq. foot to install!

    • Hey Kate. We had the same problem at first and the ones we did find either looked cheap or were way too expensive. We ended up finding these at a floor warehouse that was local, the brand is exotica in the walnut color and they were about $3.72 a square foot(but well worth it). We did most of the installation ourselves but got a little lazy at the end and found someone that would work by the day at a reasonable price (he was a family member of our granite guy). I’d definitely say that $6 a square foot to install is way too expensive! We found guys that would do it for $1.50-2.50 a square foot. Hope that helps! Good luck. 🙂

      • KATE

        Thanks for the info. The cost of everything here (Boston area) is wicked high, so it could be you live in a less expensive area and such, but I’ll forward the info along to my husband. I really love the wobbly (hand-scraped) style! Both in real wood and in the tiles. For granite, we’re probably going with “black pearl” which really is a VERY dark brown, with tiny flecks.

      • We almost went with a dark granite! It was one of the hardest things to decide. Do you have a blog? I’d love to see what you’ve done.

      • Peg

        This helps answer my question on another page of your site. Sorry I missed the information on my first pass. I’m still curious to know if the tiles varied coming out of the box or if the lighting is what gives a look of variation in the photos.

      • The wood tile comes off darker in person but you still get a good variety of wood tones. The tiles are varied coming out of the box so it’s different that just getting one sample of wood. You just have to make sure all the boxes come from the same dye lot. Hope this helps!

  2. kate los

    ha ha no blog, I just read other people’s blogs 🙂 We settled on the black pearl granite, and the Florida brand of the porcelain tiles in the style described above, hand scraped look, but haven’t bought either yet. I forgot about this post, actually, and need to google a “flooring warehouse”, not sure if you mean like the places that constantly advertise on TV, with the annoying commercials, or if you mean something else. I think our Florida brand may be the Exotica, it rings a bell. Can you give me the name of your warehouse? I could then google it, and maybe find something close to us since Google comes up with so many “smart” hints!!!

    • Our warehouse was just a local place that has 2 stores in Phoenix. 😦 It’s called “Floor and Decor” but the Exotica was the brand of our hand scraped wood! So maybe it is the same?

  3. Mark

    Great job on the floor. We’re actually thinking about going with the same exact tile. I wanted to ask, were there any issue with these tiles. I’ve heard that a lot of 6×24 tiles have bowing or warpage in them because they are longer. This can cause a bit of “lippage” once laid down. Did you guys experience this? What size grout joint did you guys put in?

    • Hey Mark!
      We didn’t have any problems with warpage. We did have a few tiles come out of the box with some tiny chips on them (we just set those aside). We aren’t sure what exactly cause it and it really worried me at first, but we’ve had the tile almost a year now and it still looks brand new! And its been through a couple mini floods from our washing machine. As for the grout joint, we did 1/16. Hope this helps!

  4. MomResa

    so…did you finish laying the tile? can you post the finished product now? 🙂

    we are in the process of looking at the hand-scraped wood-look tile as well and would love to see how it turned out.

    • Yes we finished! I wrote about it here. They aren’t the best quality pictures, but in person it looks EXACTLY like real wood and is a beautiful color. I’m planning on posting more pics of finished rooms so you should get a better feel for what it looks like then. 🙂

  5. Megan

    I love EVERYTHING about your kitchen! I’m wondering what color grout you used with hour flooring? I saw you spaced them 1/16 apart, but didn’t see anything about grout color. Thanks!

  6. vchauhanblog

    Whats the thickness of your grout lines..1/8 or 1/16th of an inch ?

  7. Hey, I just came across your blog post from a Google search on porcelain planks… I just wanted to ask you a few questions in regards to prep work and installation. My fiance and I had ceramic tile installed about a year ago when we moved it, and let’s just said it was done horribly. I have lived with it since but have played around with the idea of getting something like this throughout the house (after some saving). We will probably just to tackle this on our own. Any advice?


  8. phoenixtx

    We put this same exact tile in our house. Exotica Walnut color. If you can find this stuff at a local Floor and Decor Outlet, its actually on sale less that what we paid ($3.79 sq/ft) This particular tile is very “true” which can be an issue for plank tiles as they sometimes are not all exactly the same size. I’ve had acquaintances actually butt joint this particular tile, meaning lay it side-by-side,with no problems. I wouldn’t recommend it, i’d go with 1/16.

    • Really, phoenixtx? It’s on sale now? We don’t have one close to us, but I wouldn’t mind taking the trip if I knew we could really get a great deal! Do you have pictures from your installation?

  9. savanna skiles

    Hello!!! I am completely obsessed with your kitchen and flooring!!! I love the idea of tile everywhere but my husband thinks we need to put hardi backer cement board down everywhere. May I ask if you guys did that???? And if not, did your grout end up cracking at all?

    Thank you for lots of inspiration!!!!!!!!

  10. What an absolutely amazing job on remodeling your kitchen. The porcelain wood tile looks fantastic. DIY job well done!! Wood tile is definitely much easier to care for than real wood. I be you are very pleased with it all the way around.

  11. Kerri D

    Are your tiles 24″ or 36″? They look great!

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