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Kitchen Progress

I have decided to start sharing progress photos of all the rooms in my house. It has been a full year that we’ve been in our humble abode and by golly we have accomplished a lot! I guess I was always waiting for things to be completed before sharing, but heck nothing is ever complete. The first room to reveal? The kitchen.

Oh and now would be a good time to mention Hubby accidently deleted the folder with all my before pics of the house. 😦 So here is what we could come up with after trying to recover said photos. 

Here is an action shot of ripping up the flooring. Hooray!

Upper cabinets are getting installed and painting is complete.

And here is what our kitchen looks like today. We decided to vary the height and depth of the cabinets for a more custom look. It also makes the space look bigger as opposed to making them go all the way to the ceiling (that would have made them 5 ft cabinets). Plus I would never use the space up there. To be honest I don’t even have enough stuff to fill all my current cabinet space! Hence the pitchers and fake plants in there. I am still searching for the perfect items to take their place.

And a reminder of the before and after:

So there you have it! A whole lot of progress on our kitchen. We couldn’t be happier with the result.

Oh and in case you’re wondering:

  • Granite color is Kashmir White
  • Cabinets: We kept the lower cabinets(replaced doors and drawers), and had a cabinet guy my hubby used to work for build the upper cabinets. He was originally going to paint them himself, but with flooring and other projects going on he opted to have them professionally painted too.
  • Appliances are all LG and have held up amazingly
  • Faucet is from home depot you can find out more about it here
  • Cabinet hardware is from Lowe’s
  • Lighting is from Lamps Plus

And I think that about covers it! If you’d like to know where I got anything else, just ask.



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Finished Flooring!

So remember this little post where I told you all about my flooring and how we would be finished soon. Well fast forward a month and a half later and yes, we are finally donzo! It’s been a dirty, long, exhausting task but we are now able to walk on our brand spankin’ new floors (without getting junk all over our feet).

If you missed my previous post, we decided on a hand-scraped porcelain tile that replicates real hardwood.

Here are some progress pics… there was a lot of mess.

A lot of stained hands (this pic doesn’t do them justice).

And a lot of sponging!

But all that work produced this:

The grout turned out much lighter than the color swatch but we are perfectly fine with it. We think the contrast of the light and dark looks sick ( in the words of my hubby). Our next project will be baseboards which will be the icing on the cake! 🙂


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Our Hand-Scraped… Porcelain Tile?

Do you love wood flooring but hate the maintenance it requires? Us too which is why we chose a porcelain tile that replicates real wood. This means I could do all the mopping I want and not have to fret about water damage. WOOT! So here’s a pic of us ripping out the old flooring… here you can see the hideous wood, which matched the hideous cabinets, which was in the hideous kitchen. And yes I was sitting in that chair… watching my hubby do all the work (don’t judge).

Okay so here is the hideous linoleum that was under the hideous wood. This is also a pic of my little toot who can’t seem to stay away from our exciting adventures (that’s my girl).

And here I am, off my chair, helping my hubby scrape the remaining pieces off the floor.

The next day we brought reinforcements… the father and father-in-law came to aid us in ripping out carpet, tack strip, baseboards, and glue remnants. UGH. So here is the before of the living room…

And here is the after… We are also putting in a custom entertainment center since the current one can’t house our TV, but we’ll get to that in another post.

Finally after day one we have the first few rows of tile done! Oh and did I mention my Dad used to be in flooring and saved us big bucks on installation by doing it himself? He also taught us   how to tile so we wouldn’t miss out on the fun (because tiling is SO fun). Catch my sarcasm?

So here we are pitching in! And as much as we’d like to take credit for that big chunk of tile that’s been placed, we really only laid a whopping 4 out of the 20 rows. So big thanks to my wonderful Dad who lays tile like a champ!

So we’re at the end and I bet you were expecting the pic of the finished product, but the truth is we still aren’t done. Turns out tiling isn’t as fun and entertaining as we thought. Nevertheless we have a goal of finishing… soon… hopefully! So check back for the big reveal! 🙂


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