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Bathroom Reveal

Yeah remember when we started our bathroom like more than a year ago? Ha! Well it is done!! And has been done for over 6 months… talk about suspense. For some reason I dread setting up final pictures. I feel like I have to take 2 weeks off prior to perfect every square-inch of the space. And even now I feel like I should have done more pics and different angels. Pffft. Oh well I can always update, right?!

Anywho here are the final pictures of our master bathroom! It’s funny because when we originally bought the house it was my least favorite room (it was so tiny and hideous!) and now it is my absolute favorite place to be. I feel like it is my true style at this moment.

As a reminder here is the before:


DSCN1215And After: (Some of the pics are kinda tiny so just click on them to enlarge.)



We ended up going with a glass door for the bathroom so that you could always see our custom linen cabinet. It’s such a beautiful piece, I didn’t want it to be hidden behind a door. The lack of privacy doesn’t bother us for those of you wondering but I know it can be a real deal breaker for some.



How I love soaking in this bath with a book and a beer! Yep I said beer. Sorry wine is the worst! Unless it’s white and bubbly. 😉



1378319_10151930553726912_1341122517_n-1Like I said I still want to get more pictures of details and angles, but it shows you quite a bit for now. I’ll try not to let 3 months pass before I post again. I know I say that a lot but this time I’m serious! I’ve got some interesting news to share and pics of the house done.



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Bathroom Cabinets and Paint

I feel like I haven’t been on here in forever. 😦 I’ve been a bit pre-occupied with a new job, lots of renovations, vacation planning, and now preparing for the in-law’s visit! It’s been a bit crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Especially since my new gig is working for an interior designer! It’s amazing. But enough about life, let’s get to the reason I write this blog… home improvements. I last left off with my tile done. It looked like this:


And now it looks like this. I still need to add glass and handles to the linen cabinet, finish baseboards, and hang our shower curtain but that stuff is quick and easy! We also painted in there. The color is Sea Glass by Sherwin Williams. Great color if you are looking for a blue/gray/green that isn’t too strong.

And here is our vanity. We still need to hang buy mirrors, add handles, hang art and style but again minor stuff compared to what is already done!

I know the picture quality isn’t great in these but I’m saving the good photography for the reveal…someday.  Next on the agenda (aside from finishing up the bathroom) is the carpet which gets installed on Wednesday. Then it’s time to hustle and get everything put back together in time for the in-laws. Oh plus a vacation thrown in there and a busy work schedule. Yep no big deal. 😮 So please bear with me these next few weeks! Right now our home is packed with crap from our bedrooms. My OCD senses are tingling from living in this mess! Hope you all enjoyed this long weekend. 🙂



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Tile is in!

Our Tile got installed last week! Actually pretty much everything aside from sconces, mirrors, handles, and glass got installed last week but I’m only showing the tile today since I’m behind in my posts. We left off with our concrete board up, tub installed, and drywall done.

Here is the tile install! Originally we planned to do subway tile with white grout but last minute I exchanged the white grout for soft gray to really make the subway tile pop. We used the same grout for the marble floors because we figured white would be way too hard to keep clean. Also this lighting makes our tub look yellow, but in person it’s actually a bright white and blends with the subway tile.

To see how far we’ve really come here is the before:

And progress:

Stay tuned for cabinets, countertops, and paint! 🙂


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Light at the end of the Tunnel

I dreaded starting this bathroom reno for months. I knew it would be the death of me and it almost was on several occasions. Luckily though, we are in the last stages!!! Somebody pinch me. First let’s see what has been done, it won’t look like much from the pictures but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Obviously first on the list was demo, then came things like electrical and plumbing. In my opinion these are the worst projects because it’s a lot of work and you don’t get much satisfaction from different plumbing placement or new wiring for sconces without actual sconces.

There was also a lot of planning that happened in the beginning. You need to figure out what needs to go where and how long things like cabinets will take to build. You also have to start shopping around for not only tile but tile installers. Yes, sadly Trav and I will not be DIYing our tile. We tried this here and got very burnt out and frustrated so we decided to leave it to the experts. It is money REALLY well spent in our eyes. And props to all who do it yourself, you are amazing!! Lastly we had to do drywall which we also opted to hire out because let’s be real, that stuff is hard, especially when half of your bathroom needs to be patched. Trav ended up doing the concrete board and waterproofing around the tub though!

Alrighty enough talk let’s get to the pics. This is a pic of how I last left you. Basically we demo-ed and were mid way through plumbing.

Here we have most of the plumbing and electrical done as well as drywall and waterproofing up.

See told ya you wouldn’t be impressed! But tomorrow guess what is getting done? Yep Tile! And then Wednesday our cabinets will be in. Can I get a woot, woot!? I plan on painting Tuesday so it will be a totally new space come Thursday. Here is a little sneak peak of what to expect.

Honeycomb marble floors, subway tile shower, grey cabinets, mint walls, and marble countertops are all in the mix.

On a different note here is our mess of a master bedroom. This will be next on the to-do list! :/

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Bathroom Phase 1

I was in Cali this past weekend for an impromptu girls trip and left hubby all alone. So what did he do with all his time? Ripped out our entire bathroom! I thought I would be a lot more excited now that the process is beginning but I’m actually pretty stressed/overwhelmed/disgusted. Good thing we waited on putting in new carpet and furniture in our master bedroom because that room is Nasty with a capital N! Bleh. We have since moved to the guest bedroom, but I still have hanging stuff in there so I venture in there occasionally and seriously feel like I have to shower. The carpets are full of dust, debris, and who knows what. Even the air seems dirty. Oh and our bathtub is chillin’ in the middle of the room. I guess Trav couldn’t lift that baby by himself.

So without further ado here are our before pictures.



You may wonder why we didn’t just use what was there and repurpose everything? I’ll tell ya why…The cabinets were disgusting and falling apart, the countertops had permanent burn marks from some unknown heating device, the floors were linoleum and lifting in every corner possible, and the shower had everything from hard water stains to growing mold.

So with that being said we decided to demo the whole thing. Here is what Trav accomplished while I was gone.



So what’s next? Plumbing. Which works out great because Trav is a plumber and saves us big bucks not only the installation, but also on the fixtures! In fact, we just got a FREE porcelain soaker because it had a hairline scratch in it. Normally those are discounted but because Trav was using it for his own home, the manager told him he could have it. SCORE! This allows us to spend more money on other things like cabinets, countertops, ect.

Speaking of cabinets I’m most excited about what we are putting in place of the linen closet. Here is what I have in mind. (Click on pics for sources)





Travis and our cabinet guy originally thought I was crazy for having glass front in a bathroom but after I showed Trav these pics he was sold!

Anyone else taking on overwhelming/exciting projects?


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Bathroom Beginnings

This weekend will mark the official start of our bathroom reno(that is if we don’t get lazy). Our original plan was to start at the beginning of the month but we have been out of town the last 4 weekends! Crazy right? So since I’ve had bathrooms on the brain, here are a few pics I’ve been looking at to get ideas. We will be working with a pretty small space so I’m looking for an overall feel that won’t make me feel cramped and trapped like I do now.

This is one of the first bathrooms I fell in love with. The subway tiles, marble counter tops, and hex marble flooring are on our must-haves on our list. We were going to take out our bathtub and make it a big walk-in shower like the one pictured, but I decided I wanted to keep the bathtub so we will be tiling the tub surround instead.  (pic credit here)

In this pic it’s all about the cabinet! I’m not sure if I can convince Trav to pick something without much storage (since we are already lacking in that department) but I think it would really open up the space. I’m also diggin’ the tile surround… We’ve gone back and forth about this but I think ultimately it’s not going to work out because I’m pretty short and I’ll need a mirror that goes almost to the sink. (pic credit here)


If I can’t convince Trav to go for the above, I am thinking of a cabinet like this with glass front in the middle cabinet area, just to switch it up. As for color, I still am not 100% on what to do. I love the grey in this pic and the white in the previous (although white cabinets scare me in bathrooms) and I’m not opposed to a color cabinet either. (pic credit here)



This is another cabinet I’ve been contemplating. I like the off set depth, and I’m thinking instead of drawers, maybe make this open shelving with baskets? Although this may limit my storage again… Especially not have drawers. Oh I also think the lamp in the center is such a cute idea! It would be great lighting for a bubble bath at the end of a long day. (pic credit here)

Cannot wait to have a finished bathroom soon (hopefully)! The before pics are scary/gross and are coming soon… brace yourselves. 😉

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