Our Wedding

We got hitched October 16, 2009 in the beautiful town of Sedona, Arizona. People told me it would be the best night of my life, and it was.

We decided to see each other and take pics before the wedding so we would have more time with our guests. Plus I was a big ball of nerves and thought it best to get this part over with pre-ceromony.

Here are our wonderful parents, who made all things possible. 🙂

And here are the beautiful ladies and gentlemen that were with us every step of the way on our big day!

And here’s the cake, venue, and and a few reception pics!

All pictures were accredited to my wonderful brother and photographer Caleb. Check out his awesome work here.


3 responses to “Our Wedding

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Kalie. Gorgeous wedding pics!

  2. You were a stunning bride! Looking forward to what els you do & share- Your kitchen turned out so AMAZING!!!

  3. Mona

    Congratulation! I wish you a wonderful journey of marriage.

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