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2012 Goal!

So after getting our taxes done yesterday afternoon, I decided that we are way too unorganized (at least in the paper department). The problem is I hate clutter, so do I keep receipts? Nope. Do I throw away important things? Sometimes. Do I have a designated spot for things I absolutely have to have? Yes… but it’s shoved in a drawer in no particular order. I’ve been wanting to organize our papers, but there were always other things that needed to get done first. However after our embarrassing trip to our tax account I was in sudden realization of how unorganized we really were.

I had no idea I had to keep receipts, medical bills, printed bank statements, and random housing papers. So I made it my goal for 2012 to be uber organized in the paper department. How will this organization go down? Really easy, I will simply make hubby finally build our filing cabinet drawers. You see the drawers are already in our office we just have nothing to hang the files on. I also need a receipt holder so they wont get lost in my purse AKA the never-ending pit. Not to mention organizing containers for various things like cords, camera stuff, pens, fabrics ect. And since I’m in the organizing mood here are some pics of my favorite orgsnized offices (no I havent done any organizing of my own yet).

I love the cork board with fabric clips!

This is a great idea to DIY a filing basket, I would even do this inside my filing drawer for easy access! Click on pic for tutorial.

I also like this idea for my mail.

And I love the organization in this office! Especially the Mason Jars for pen holders, baskets for misc, and book ends for binders.

And last but not least, while this look is a little too traditional for me I love this display on top of the desk. We have a similair set up in our home office and I’ve been trying to figure out what should go on top of our large desk.

So hopefully a home office reveal will be in the near future, organized papers and all!



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