Our Story


Hey there. I’m Kalie and this is my hubby Travis. We have big plans for our little house. No we aren’t experts,  just a hubby and wife trying to figure out what the heck we want our house to look like! So here we are to share our expedition, and all the ups and downs it entails. So buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Here’s a little history of our humble abode…. it’s a whopping 1625 sq. feet with a fairly large backyard full of weeds. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, + a cozy den. While it may be a bit plain-jain at the moment, we can’t wait to spice it up. So stay tuned to see what we end up doing with the place… we’ll try not to disappoint. 🙂


We also have one two fur babies, Milo and Keva! Milo is the little cuddler, and Keva is the playful independent one. We get a little carried away with our babies dogs at times, so please forgive us, but hey with faces like that we can’t help it. 😉


6 responses to “Our Story

  1. Angela Wells

    Your dogs are precious. We have two Chihuahuas and we love them so much. Enjoyed looking at your blog. Beautiful wedding pics. Looking forward to seeing and reading more.

  2. Ana

    G’day from Three Sparrows and new follower…. Such as sweet blog, you speak of your home with such love it’s addictive and inspiring to read.. I cant wait for me n my partner to start on our dream home. Don’t ever let negative people and their ‘put down’ opinions keep you down Kalie. Your home is just that YOURS! I think you & hubby are doing an amazing job, just lovely.
    { especially your kitchen makeover…LOVE! } Keep it up.

    • You are so sweet! What encouraging words to hear, thanks so much. 🙂 Enjoy every minute of making your house YOUR home!It is such an exciting process. Your blog is adorable by the way! Such cute kiddos.

  3. Not sure if this how I contact you, but didn’t see a “Contact” page or email. I just found your blog while I was looking for ceramic wood tile. It turned out gorgeous and I have 14 boxes of it ready to install. Can you tell me what size spacers you used?

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