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Dining Room Update

Our dining room was pretty much the first room in our house completed so it will always have a special place in my heart. Cheesy, I know, but it’s true. It pretty much determined how the rest of the house would come together so you could say it had a pretty big role in my design choices as well. It’s the room I decided I liked the color green, crystal chandeliers, and hydrangea flowers. I thought out each decision and probably bought and returned a dozen items. Here is the space I was working with…Basically a standard builders box with beige walls and an ornate chandelier.

And here is the progress we’ve made. It’s not taken from the exact same angle but you can kind of use the kitchen  to compare. In case you don’t know, Trav accidentally deleted all our before pictures so I’m having to pull these off MLS.

Source List:

Table: World Market

Chairs: World Market the slipcovers are no longer available

Place Settings and Vase: World Market and are also no longer available

Flowers: Pier One

Chandelier: Lamps Plus I got it a hundred dollars cheaper a year and a half ago!

Pillows: Etsy Find

Blinds: JC Penny

Curtains: Ikea

Stools: Overstock

That about sums it up!



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Ikea Buffet Makeover

The hubby and I searched high and low for a white buffet for our living/dining area for what seemed like forever. And when we finally found what we were looking for it was over 2,000 bones, pffft. So what did we do? Repainted an Ikea version. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?! While I’loved the Stornas Buffet’s dark color, I wanted to add some more white into the mix to play off our kitchen cabinets. Plus our dining table is dark and I like to keep things fresh with different wood tones throughout. I wish I could tell you what I did to paint it but it was actually the hubby who completed the job. He briefly worked for a cabinet guy back in the day and is pretty good with a paint sprayer. We also switched out the handles to give it a more custom look.

Here is a rough step-by-step of what he did. Since my steps are lacking some much needed detail for you DIYers out there I found this post from Jenna Sue to fill in the blanks. Looks like she had the same idea!

1. Sanded it down

2. Sprayed on a primer

3. Sanded it down again

4. Sprayed on white paint color and sanded in between to get an even coat of white gorgeousness.

5. Once it was dry he painted on a Polyurethane

Viola! a brand new take on the Ikea Buffet.

So here was the original color: (again this is the Ikea Stornas Buffet)

And here is how it turned out. I love, love, love the open shelves which I added Target baskets to. It really pops against the white. I’m still not set on the styling on top and plan on doing maybe a gallery wall in the future. For some reason the thought of creating a gallery wall completely terrifies me. Weird I know, but hopefully one day I will conquer my fears… 😉

Everything aside from the baskets are from Home Goods or TJ Maxx (my go-to stores if you haven’t noticed). The pillows are Ikea and the handles are Home Depot. So that about sums up our Ikea re-do, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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Living Room Progress

Today I’m going to share the progress of our living room before I get bored and want to switch things up. Caleb my brother and photographer came over to get some pics, and with this being his first interior shoot, I think he did an amazeballs job!

We really loved the bones of this home, but the finishes just weren’t “us”. Luckily the whole house (aside from the kitchen and bathrooms) had carpet which made it super easy to rip out and put down tile (wrote about that here). The rest was a matter of furnishing, which took far longer than I expected, and adding a fresh coat of paint. As I have mentioned before Travis accidently deleted our before pictures (poor guy will never live that down) so I had to get most of these from the MLS listing which means they are terrible quality, but you get the idea.

It took us me forever to furnish it (and it’s still not complete) but here is what it looks like today.

Source List:

  • All the accessories are from TJ Maxx, Home Goods, or Target
  • The couch is from West Elm (Henry Sofa but it doesn’t look like they I have the color I got anymore)
  • The leather chairs are from a local furniture store. I originally didn’t want any leather but Trav insisted and I’m actually glad we got them so he can sit in them when he is dirty, eating, ect.
  • The coffee and end table are part of the Paula Deen collection. Her stuff is great quality which means it’s also a little pricy but look for sales. I’ve even seen her furniture on Joss & Main for almost half the price!
  • I forgot where I ordered the rug from but I found them here. This thing has been great! No problems with staining, even after we potty trained our second Yorkie.
  • The light is another Lamp’s Plus Purchase. Another place I always use coupons!
  • And the mirrors above the leather chairs are from Target. (I can’t find them online but originally bought them in-store)

If I left anything out just ask. Hope everyone is having a great week, our weather here is in the 90’s this so I’ve been in a much better mood knowing Fall is right around the corner. And by around the corner I mean like 3 months away. 😉 Ahhh gotta love Phoenix!


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Closet Door Reveal

In my last post I discussed different options I was debating for my closet doors. Well I decided to go ahead and try the cheapest option first, chalkboard paint! Here is what I did.

First I took the doors off the hinges and laid them outside (since I knew I would be working with some pretty stinky stuff). Then I chose some leftover paint I had laying around and painted a rough boarder that I would be taping off.

I used a Costco mailer to help me keep my tape even all the way around.

Here is what it looked like when I was done. I used Frogger Tape from Home Depot which actually did pretty well with bleeding.

Then I painted 3 coats of this stuff and took my tape off about 30 minutes after I finished my last coat.

I forgot to snap a before picture in the office, but here is what they look like in the spare bedroom.

Here is the after! I like them a whole lot better than what it previously was, but I’m not sure I’m completely in love with how they go in the room. I may end up switching these up again in the near future, but for now it acts as an awesome message center.


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Kitchen Progress

I have decided to start sharing progress photos of all the rooms in my house. It has been a full year that we’ve been in our humble abode and by golly we have accomplished a lot! I guess I was always waiting for things to be completed before sharing, but heck nothing is ever complete. The first room to reveal? The kitchen.

Oh and now would be a good time to mention Hubby accidently deleted the folder with all my before pics of the house. 😦 So here is what we could come up with after trying to recover said photos. 

Here is an action shot of ripping up the flooring. Hooray!

Upper cabinets are getting installed and painting is complete.

And here is what our kitchen looks like today. We decided to vary the height and depth of the cabinets for a more custom look. It also makes the space look bigger as opposed to making them go all the way to the ceiling (that would have made them 5 ft cabinets). Plus I would never use the space up there. To be honest I don’t even have enough stuff to fill all my current cabinet space! Hence the pitchers and fake plants in there. I am still searching for the perfect items to take their place.

And a reminder of the before and after:

So there you have it! A whole lot of progress on our kitchen. We couldn’t be happier with the result.

Oh and in case you’re wondering:

  • Granite color is Kashmir White
  • Cabinets: We kept the lower cabinets(replaced doors and drawers), and had a cabinet guy my hubby used to work for build the upper cabinets. He was originally going to paint them himself, but with flooring and other projects going on he opted to have them professionally painted too.
  • Appliances are all LG and have held up amazingly
  • Faucet is from home depot you can find out more about it here
  • Cabinet hardware is from Lowe’s
  • Lighting is from Lamps Plus

And I think that about covers it! If you’d like to know where I got anything else, just ask.


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