Our House

So far these are all of the before pics of our home, but progress pics will be coming soon… 🙂

BEFORE: This is a pic of our house from the front. Eventually we want to re-paint it and add some stone.

BEFORE: A pic of the living room as it looked on day 1. To give you some perspective, the front door is in the left corner and the den opens up to the left.

BEFORE: Here is a view from the living room into the dining room. You can see the start of the kitchen to the right and to the left is the entrance to the master bedroom.

PROGRESS: See more pics here.

BEFORE: Here is the lovely “builders beige” kitchen.

PROGRESS: Here is how our kitchen looks today! You can check out more pics here.

BEFORE: And a pic of our master bedroom… more beige.BEFORE: And tacked on to the master bedroom is the INCREDIBLY tiny master bath. 😦

BEFORE: As we venture onto the other side of the house (kitchen is to the left) we come across this hallway.

BEFORE: Here is a shot of bedroom number one.

PROGRESS: The progress we made on it! See more pics here.

BEFORE: And a pic of our laundry room, which is where you enter from the garage.

BEFORE: Here is our guest bathroom which is even tinier than the master bath! double 😦

BEFORE: And a pic of the front bedroom with a Toot (aka Keva) in it.

BEFORE: And last but certainly not least a pic of our backyard.


9 responses to “Our House

  1. Your kitchen is my new inspiration photo! I have been saying to myself, how can I take dark brown floors, light beige countertops and a white subway tile backsplash and make it look like an amazing kitchen? Apparently all I gotta do is paint the cabinets white and get rid of the insufferable soffits above my cabinets. Thanks for the inspiration to help me use what I already have!!

  2. Yvonne Cannon

    Awesome pictures!!! Thank you for sharing!
    You have a gift for decorating. I look forward to returning to your blog!

  3. JIll

    Hi me and my hubby bought our new home this year and were so excited to have our dreamhouse. I was browsing the net and saw your page/blog it made me inspired how we will turn our dremahouse into reality. Reading your blogs it give me lots of ideas or smart ideas how the impossible become possible. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Did you use gray grout on the subway tile? If so, how has that worn over time?

  5. suzy


  6. I just wanted to tell you that a picture of your kitchen has been on my fridge for the past couple of years. We had been thinking of remodeling and when I saw the layout of your kitchen I showed it to my husband and we realized that would work for us and enable us to add a dishwasher which we’ve not had in almost 32 years of marriage! If I could post pictures I would. Thank you for the inspiration!

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