Bathroom Beginnings

This weekend will mark the official start of our bathroom reno(that is if we don’t get lazy). Our original plan was to start at the beginning of the month but we have been out of town the last 4 weekends! Crazy right? So since I’ve had bathrooms on the brain, here are a few pics I’ve been looking at to get ideas. We will be working with a pretty small space so I’m looking for an overall feel that won’t make me feel cramped and trapped like I do now.

This is one of the first bathrooms I fell in love with. The subway tiles, marble counter tops, and hex marble flooring are on our must-haves on our list. We were going to take out our bathtub and make it a big walk-in shower like the one pictured, but I decided I wanted to keep the bathtub so we will be tiling the tub surround instead.  (pic credit here)

In this pic it’s all about the cabinet! I’m not sure if I can convince Trav to pick something without much storage (since we are already lacking in that department) but I think it would really open up the space. I’m also diggin’ the tile surround… We’ve gone back and forth about this but I think ultimately it’s not going to work out because I’m pretty short and I’ll need a mirror that goes almost to the sink. (pic credit here)


If I can’t convince Trav to go for the above, I am thinking of a cabinet like this with glass front in the middle cabinet area, just to switch it up. As for color, I still am not 100% on what to do. I love the grey in this pic and the white in the previous (although white cabinets scare me in bathrooms) and I’m not opposed to a color cabinet either. (pic credit here)



This is another cabinet I’ve been contemplating. I like the off set depth, and I’m thinking instead of drawers, maybe make this open shelving with baskets? Although this may limit my storage again… Especially not have drawers. Oh I also think the lamp in the center is such a cute idea! It would be great lighting for a bubble bath at the end of a long day. (pic credit here)

Cannot wait to have a finished bathroom soon (hopefully)! The before pics are scary/gross and are coming soon… brace yourselves. 😉

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  1. Hooray for major renos! Can’t wait to see all the pictures of your adventure!

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