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All about the Money!

Alright a few of you asked for a budget breakdown, so I am going to try my best to remember cost of everything! First let’s give you a reminder of the kitchen:

Here we go!

  1. Cabinets: $5900.00 Basically we kept the bottom base but put new doors and drawers in, had new upper cabinets installed, and had everything painted white. This price also included cabinets for a built-in desk/cabinet for my den AND a custom entertainment center for the living room. Travis used to work for this guy so he may have given us a slight discount but I can’t say for sure. My advice is to search your local guys who own small businesses before going to places like Home Depot or Lowe’s. Chances are small businesses will be cheaper since they don’t have as much over head and your cutting out the middle man. Ask to see some of his work first and even check in on him while he is building them to make sure you are happy with everything. Another recommendation is get things done while you can. Do you want to do a custom office, entertainment center, or bathroom? Might as well do it at the same time because chances are it will be cheaper than if you do them all separately.
  2. Granite: $2900.00 We again looked for a local guy who had a good price. Another tip is to go pick out your granite at a warehouse place and then tell your granite guy what you want. It will be cheaper this way because he will most likely get discounts on granite and will be making a little more money and charge you less on install. I also need to mention this price included doing a small one sink countertop in my guest bathroom and a decent sized desk in my den. We were able to use leftover slab from the kitchen so it was much cheaper to do it all together.
  3. Appliances: $203.00 for 16 interest-free months for a total of around $3200.00 for the refrigerator, microwave, stove/oven, and dishwasher. A good tip for appliances is to either try to find some newer appliances on craigslist or buy them from Best Buy or other places that offer interest-free financing. If you can afford a payment each month then why not finance them (only for interest-free of course)? Also we got almost all of our appliances cheaper than sticker by price matching! For example our fridge came out to $900.00 which was over $300.00 in savings because we happened to check another store’s pricing.
  4. Lighting: $300.00 The pendant lighting you see was added, but luckily the electrician stuff was done by Trav’s uncle and he said not to worry about charging him. So those lights were 99 bucks each on sale at Lamp’s Plus.
  5. Faucet: This one I’m not sure on because Trav does get a discount on plumbing items (since he owns a plumbing & AC company) but I’m wanting to say it was around a $150.00? I would budget around $250.00 for a good faucet. These aren’t something you want to go cheap on because this thing gets a lot of ware and tear each day.
  6. Sink: $75.00 This is by far my favorite deal! Trav found it at his plumbing supplier and it had a hairline scratch on it so they let it go for $75.00, originally $399.00 retail price!!! SCORE.
  7. Handles: $5.00 each from Lowe’s. Don’t skimp on your handles either. They really set the tone for the kitchen!
  8. Backsplash: ??? Alright this one is tough for pricing because I forgot how much our subway tile cost per square foot but it was uber cheap! And as far as installing it, one of our granite guy’s workers said he would work for $100.00 a day laying tile, and I think it took him a day-ish? He also helped us finish up flooring… because Hubby and I were sick of it after 2 weeks!

And there you have it! I’m not going to do a total count since some of the pricing was for multiple things outside of the Kitchen, and I don’t remember how much our backsplash cost. If I am leaving anything out please be sure to let me know! 🙂



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