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Bedroom Obsessions

So I’ll let you in on an embarrassing truth… we’ve been sleeping on a mattress on the floor since we moved in and my clothes are stacked in my bathroom linen closet. It’s terrible. Our plan was to wait on furnishing the master bedroom until we finish our master bath since we also want to replace the carpet (new bedroom carpet and furniture + bathroom reno = bad idea for us). Unfortunately we are kind of wiped out from previous renovations and have yet to start the bathroom meaning the bedroom is still empty.

So long sory short I’ve been obsessing over bedrooms lately because mine is so gross. I can’t wait to plop down in a proper bed with proper bedding, and throw pillows, and a nightstand! Oh what I would give for a nightstand.  And the carpet in there… oh man. Cheapest carpet ever! It even broke my vacuum, yep clogged it with its static fibers. Anyway here are some pretty bedrooms I’ve been obsessing over!

Love this anthropology bedding. It’s a little pricey but I’d only want the duvet cover. (pic credit here)

I’m debating on either a fabric headboard like this one… or maybe a DIY wood one? Just not sure yet. This bedding is also a contender, I’ve had my eye on it ever since I spotted it at JC Penny’s home store.(pic credit here)

Next up, this pretty white dresser! I even have the perfect spot for it already (too bad I have no idea where it’s from). (pic credit here)

Last up is the bench in this pic. It’s a must have. I’m  also digging the striped headboard! (Pic credit here)

So there are my plans for my master bedroom… someday! Hmph. Has any one else been day dreaming of rooms that badly need to be finished?



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What to do with my closet doors?

I shared my progress on my craft room/office here I’m still at a stand still for now, but I would love to transform my closet doors! Currently I have the sliding flat doors that are sort of, well, boring. So I decided to search for some alternative ideas that I could use to spice them up. I haven’t executed any of these plans yet, but here is what I came up with.

First on the list are these awesome chalkboard doors. This would be the easiest, least expensive way of making them over. I loved that they added the white stripe! So cute. (Pic credit here, I couldn’t find a link to her actual blog)

Next up are these awesome barn doors! LOVE, LOVE this idea but it will take a little more craft work and lots of help from Trav that I’m not sure he has time for right now. If I did decide to go with this it would be awhile before I see the finished product. (Pic credit here)

And the last thing I found was the idea to replace sliding doors with real doors! I think this is so clever, and I feel like it would be so much more accessible. (Pic credit here)


I’ve also though about using curtains. This would also be relatively inexpensive, but then I’d have to make that closet REALLY pretty because I feel like the curtains would always be open partially. Don’t get me wrong I love organizing, but that closet houses all of our ugly stuff that would be hard to hide. Hmmm lots of decisions. I’m going to try to start one of these projects next week if my busy schedule permits.


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Picking Pillows

So I’ve decided to order pillows from etsy for the following reasons:

1. I own a sewing machine but don’t even know how it works, therefore I can’t sew it myself.

2. I cannot find a single pillow I like at any store that sells pillows. (that won’t break the bank)

3. I feel like buying pillows from etsy are like buying somewhat custom pillows.

Here are a few pillows I’m trying to decide between! Love the mint color in this pillow… The geometric pattern in thisAnd the price on these, only 35 $ for 2 18 x 18 pillow covers.

And last but not least, who doesn’t love a chevron pillow!

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A little bit of inspiration!

I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a slump in my decorating adventures. It seems I have all these ideas but am too scared to pull the trigger on any of them. Well slump no more! I recently came across this BEAU-tiful kitchen that has window-cabinets! How clever is that?! No, I’m not going to knock out walls to create window cabinets(hubby already informed me this would be too expensive) but I love the overall feel of the kitchen. It’s such an effortless design full of different textures and colors.

Sigh. From the rustic lighting to the pretty patterned chair in the corner, everything just fits so perfectly together! This is what I needed to see to get a little inspiration. Finished kitchen here I come!


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Renovation Reality

I vowed that I would share the good, the bad, and the ugly of our home renovation and design. So today I decided to reveal a bit of the ugly as I experience a renovation reality check.

For starters, this is our spare bedroom… we avoid this place at all costs. Unfortunately it contains most of our possessions, so we really hardly ever avoid it.

And this is what our house looks like on a weekly basis. In these pics we were adding several cans, pandants, and other various light fixtures. If you were wondering, we didn’t do this by ourselves. Travy’s Uncle Jeff came in town to show us the ropes! However now Trav thinks he is an electrician and has lots of other projects he wants to attempt (let’s just say this scares me and Keva).

Not only do I have a mess on the inside, but I also have this beautiful pile o’ junk to look at outside. I thought having weeds was bad enough, but add thinset stains, tile scraps, and old countertops to the mix and it just gets plain unbearable!

So there you have it, our embarrassing mess of place we call home, for now. But don’t you worry! Cabinets and flooring could possibly be done this week. This means I’ll finally have something other than messes to show you. 🙂


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