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Lips & Mustache Party

I’ve been MIA lately because I was diagnosed with stress ball disorder. Just kidding. But for reals if you could get diagnosed with something like that, I would have been.

We hosted a co-ed shower/engagement party at our house last weekend and let’s just say my first event caused me to hyperventilate into a paper bag way too much for one lifetime. I don’t know why I let myself freak out like this. Oh wait, yes I do. It’s because I was born with this thing called wanting-things-to-be-perfect (which SUCKS) and it makes me stress over every minute detail from cleaning the drains in my shower to paint touch-ups behind the toilet. Yes these were the thoughts going through my mind. Because really who is going to notice a dirty shower drain or a paint scratch the size of my pinky nail behind the toilet. All joking aside it was actually a great experience for me and I should admit that I had 2 other gals to help with the stress load. They were great and I think together we ended up throwing a pretty amaze-balls party.

The theme was Mustache & Lips! Unfortunately we were running around like mad women trying to get things ready up until guests started arriving so I didn’t even finish snapping pics of everything. :/ But here are some I did snap! Again excuse the editing… I seriously need to take some sort of camera/edit class in the near future.

Here are our invites: I didn’t make them so I kinda don’t know how she did them but I know she got one of Target’s create your own invites. I think they were $9.99 for 20 of them and then you print your own info.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 12.00.56 PM

I turned my buffet into a sort of entertainment center. We provided wax lips and fury mustaches along with stick props. A girl I was planning with came up with this “guess who’s famous lips and mustache” game which was great! I even had fun trying to guess who was who. We provided all the full pictures too so people could easily look at ones they were stumped on.


All the food we did ourselves. We had a veggie tray, stuffed mushrooms, bruschetta, jalapeño poppers, meatballs, individual bean dip cups, cupcakes, and a chocolate fountain.




And for drinks we served beer and sangria, along with water and lemonade.


I wish I would have gotten a picture of the tables. I’m sure someone has one that will surface. We had white table cloths with black and white chevron runners. Our center pieces were red gerber daisies in a vase on top of a mirror. We even had black chair covers with white tool bows!

We turned my craft room into a photo booth. I have chalkboard closets so people could write what they wanted and choose from a bundle of props.



As a small party favor we put cut-outs of lips and mustaches on dum-dums:


The weather was beautiful too. In the 80’s with a cool breeze! Anyone else recently throw showers/events that’s turned them into a raging psycho path?



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