Behind the Scenes

We put our house on the market… Then we took it off. Then we decided to stay here for awhile. Then we looked at homes. Then we wanted to buy a home. Then we changed our minds. Are we crazy? Most definitely.

For now we truly have decided to stay here a bit longer and build our savings. It would be great to get the equity out of our house but then what’s next? Homes are much more expensive than when we originally bought (back in 2011 when it was at the bottom here in Phoenix) so it makes it a lot harder from an investment standpoint to bite the bullet and pay a LOT more. For now the plan is to save and then maybe rent this little guy out. Unless something perfect comes along… Ugh so indecisive.

Anyway I had Caleb (my brother and awesome wedding photographer) come to snap some pics for MLS. Here are a few rooms you haven’t seen that I’m not too crazy about. They just seem unfinished and I feel like my style is a bit different now, but it is what it is.

First up is the laundry room. I LOVE doing laundry. Weird right? Who loves doing laundry? Yep, the weirdo over here. Actually I think I like it so much because of the smell. You know there is nothing better than sweaty clothes and stinky socks. Haha not! No but really the smell of clothes after washing is simply the best. I hang dry (more like lay clothes all over the house) most of my stuff so it makes the house smell amaze-balls. I love Target’s Up & Up brand! Anyway one day I want to go all out in here and really make it cute. Maybe paint the door in chalkboard paint? Add some art/ functional laundry stuff?


Next up is our guest bath. I kind of did this in a hurry before guests were coming years ago andddd it has always felt like a kids bathroom (no we don’t have any). It’s also on the list to get a re-do one day! Hopefully soon…


Here is our guest bedroom. Most of the furniture was handed down when we first got married so I sorta just worked with what I had. The bedrooms are so tiny in this house that I’m cool with this room for now. I do realize the vanity looks pretty silly in there but it was mine as a little girl and I want to hold onto it in case I can pass it down one day. Oh and those crusty flowers were from Trav when we just started dating. I want them forever ❤


Here is our second bedroom. Yeah we don’t ever use it… but I love the chalkboard closet. 🙂


Next up, the office! I feel pretty content with this room. It opens up to the living/family room which is great because I never feel secluded or closed off. I can have the TV on or music plying while I’m getting work done in here.


I know I’ve shown pictures of the kitchen but I’ve added a few things and it looks a little different in the evening.


Last up is the backyard. We have a corner house and have a pretty decent size lot. My dad designed the yard and did pavers for us and a built in BBQ. It was getting dark so this is the only good photo we got, but one day I’ll have to do a full reveal. It was in pretty rough shape before.


So thats about it! All the “behind the scenes” of the house. Anyone else out there indecisive about there home decisions?!



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8 responses to “Behind the Scenes

  1. Stephanie Lee

    I am in love with your house! Mainly the living/kitchen/dining/entry rooms! We just bought out first home together in September, and am loving your style. I am having a hard time finding ways to work my styles together- which include modern, antique, classic & shabby chic. What would you call your style of home decor/furniture etc? I wish you posted more pictures of the finished rooms, I can’t get enough!

    • Awe thanks so much! 🙂 I know isn’t it hard to pin down what your style is?! There are so many options! Sounds like you like a mix and match of a lot of cool styles. I had a hard time deciding where to start but knowing I could always return items made things less overwhelming. Eventually once a room takes shape you’ll start to see exactly whats missing and what direction you’re going in. As far as what my style is I would say like a modern traditional with a bit more feminine feel. Good luck with your decorating and congrats on the home purchase! I promise it will get easier the further along you get. 🙂

  2. Nicole

    So… I found your kitchen on Pinterest. Getting ready to paint our blah builder oak color kitchen cabinets WHITE. Love, love, love your kitchen: the white cabinets, the granite, the floors, and particularly your drawer/cabinet pulls! I tried to look through related posts to see if I could find out specifics, but all I saw was that you purchased from lowes. I was wondering if you could tell me the length of these because they look awesome!! Also, did you use 2 different sizes? It looks like (in the pictures) the smaller drawers have shorter pulls. Would love it if you’d pass along those dimensions. Thanks a ton!!!

  3. Rosie

    I absolutely love your kitchen and keep coming back to it for reference as we redo ours. I know you’ve mentioned the hardware pulls are 10″ and 6 1/4″; I’d like to know what finish they are. Are they chrome or stainless steel? Did you buy them off the shelf at (Lowe’s/Home Depot) or did you have to special order them? How much additional cost did you have to pay to install them? Also, what grout brand and color did you use on the subway tile, and where did you buy that stunning wall clock? Thanks in advance!

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