Favorites Right Now

Good grief it seems like a lifetime has passed since my last post! Maybe because it has… Today I want to dive into my latest obsessions. My taste is always changing and right now I’m digging a lot of the boho tribal stuff. I’m also convinced that emerald green is going to EXPLODE! I’ve had my eye on it for quite some time and it makes me want to completely switch up my colors. But seriously how cool is this rug?! (Source)


I’m also head over heels for this kitchen. I don’t really think it’s my style but I’m still in love with it. Isn’t it funny how we talk about home stlyes like we talk about fashion? I always liken it to loving a trend but knowing you just couldn’t pull it off. Like right now I’m totally digging leather leggings but let’s be honest I would probably look ridiculous in them. I might still give it a go though! I saw Target had some. 😉 (Source)


Okay again with the green but c’mon it’s soooo cool. I just love it. I’m also loving the dark wall colors everywhere! (Source)


This was a super cool combo I came across. The look of the cabinets with the grey backsplash! Can you say genius?! I just think its a great way to work with a darker wood color and make it more modern and updated. All the details are wonderful. Those little knobs! Oh, man. (Source)


While I loved the previous pic, my heart will always be with white kitchens. I love the patterns in this one. Stunning! (Source)


I know not everyone will love these photos like I do but I think it’s cool to share or over-share your thoughts on different home trends and styles. What I like today, I might hate tomorrow. Just kidding, I really love this stuff but it’s cool to see things that are different and not necessarily popular yet… especially where I live! Phoenix is so behind.



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7 responses to “Favorites Right Now

  1. Nice to see you!! I have been a bad blogger also! Summer is here and being with my kiddo is much more important! I love the green too! I always have! It is the color of the year right now! Me and leather leggings are a NO GO!!! Nobody wants to see that!!! Have a great weekend!

    • Haha at least you have the kid excuse! 😉 And I definitely agree with the color of the year. Even Ikea has an emerald green couch right now! Enjoy your weekend too!

  2. Anna Ammann

    How come you haven’t posted in awhile? 😦 I check your blog at least once a month hoping to see a new post…..

  3. Love your post about PHX being behind on trends. We moved here from Chicago several years ago and I have to say, there’s about a twenty year gap between the two cities. Mainly the technology, skill set of the tradesmen and work ethic. However, people like yourself keep up very well with the newest and latest. For that, I thank you. Keep up the good work!

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