Furniture Craze.

Have you guys seen World Market’s new furniture? It’s pretty much amazeballs and it totally makes me want to re-do my whole house. Doing so would be assanine considering we are finally finishing up with things, but hey a girl can dream. This is why things like Pinterest were created, am I right?! Back to the topic at hand, this Industrial cart had me swooning in the store.


It’s on sale for $239.99 and it makes me want to do something like this in my house. (Click on pic for Source)


I also love this foyer table. The finish is beautiful and it’s on sale for $249.99.


I could see it in an entry way like this table below. The basket for shoes is genius!  (Click on pic for source)


This chair totally reminds me of John & Sherry’s house from Young House Love. And for $269.99 bones it could be yours. I could see this in a bedroom or accent chair for the living room. Great pop of color.


You might be wondering what we brought home with us? Well I snagged 2 of theses accent tables that we will be using as nightstands. I was a little unsure of whether they would go with everything else in the room but after our bed was delivered I think they fit quite nicely. I’m all about mixing and matching different wood tones and switching up furniture sets. I think it makes things interesting and exciting as long as they have a cohesive flow.


I can’t wait to share our bedroom and bathroom progress. I’m just needing to accessorize and figure out window treatments and then things will be wrapped up!





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2 responses to “Furniture Craze.

  1. I love their stuff! They just had a huge sale on furniture. I snagged their carved wood side table for our family room. Can’t wait to see your bedroom progress!

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