My Favorite Designers

I’ve been obsessed with decorating since I was a kid. I remember doing little crafty things to improve my room like using thumb tacks to make curtains or rummaging through our old bedding to create a fresh look. I even remember fixing up a “tea” table every week using a bunch of old table clothes and napkins from my mom’s grandma. I’d cut fresh flowers from the yard, grab candle holders from around the house, and create custom art for a backdrop. I loved it. Fast forward many years later and I still love it. Today I’m going to share a few people who I have watched though the years that never cease to amaze me with their skills.

First up is probably my favorite designer, hands down!  I feel like her talent with fabrics, colors, and layouts is impeccable. I’m drawn to her organized approach and timeless taste. So who is it? None other than Sarah Richardson. I wish I was her. She even makes me want to be from Canada. And her sidekick Tommy is a total riot. (Click on pic for sources)

Here are some of my favorite designs. The first  two pictures are from her cottage house which was probably one of my favorite shows. I love the color scheme in the dining/kitchen area.

I also recently came across this master bedroom she did which looks so elegant and yet comfy at the same time. And that light fixture?! Die.

My second Go-to girl is Jillian Harris. Ya know from the Bachelorette? Oh you don’t watch that. Yeah me neither…

She’s one of those girls who seems to have it all. Great job as an interior designer, adorable looks, amazing fashion sense, and from the looks of her blog a fun social life! I think she is just an overall inspiring person. Oh and again she is from Canada. I’m sensing a theme here…

Here are some of her rooms that make me melt!

Last up we have my girl Sabrina Soto. I love how calm and collected she seems at all times. She rarely gets stressed out and has this organized way of doing things that makes designing seem easy and fun.

This entry way sums up her design taste. I love how collected and yet effortless everything feels.

Anyone else have inspiring designers that keep them going?


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