Real Office

I’ve recently been showing updates and reveals of my craft/office, but today I want to share a snippet of my real office. This is where I blog/pay bills/waste time on Pinterest/browes Facebook/check emails, you get the point. I also want to take this time to let you know why I haven’t really shared too many “progress” pics. It’s because my camera skills suck. Not to mention my brother is an amazeballz photographer, but he has been so backed up with weddings, couples photos, and traveling that I hate to bug him with my measly home photos. Although today I spent 2 hours trying to capture a decent photo of my desk so I’m ganna show the dang thing! Even if it is in awful lighting and looks a bit blurry. 😉

Here is the before picture of the desk that was here when we bought the house. It doesn’t look so bad in this picture but imagine permanent gunk on the desk top with scratched/poorly built cabinets. Don’t worry we took them off carefully and donated! One man’s trash is another’s treasure.

Here is the new built-in. We had our cabinet guy who built the kitchen cabinets also build these and we used left-over kitchen granite for the desk-top.

In this pic you can get a pretty good perspective on where this is located. It isn’t a closed off room, more like a den with an open double-doorway. Our living room is located on the left and the front door is to the right of the den. Confused yet?

So that’s all I have for know, but hopefully I can persuade my brother to come take pics soon!



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2 responses to “Real Office

  1. Danielle

    Beautiful! Where is the desk chair from? And just so you know, I think your before picture is good! I’ve looked through lots of blogs with dark, hard to see before pictures. You’re doing great work!

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