Craft/Office Progress

I gave a sneak peak of our craft/office here and showed you our updated closet doors here, but I haven’t really shown the room as a whole. Plus Trav finally got around to hanging some lighting and blinds we purchased so I feel like the room is a bit more complete. Here is a reminder of the room when we moved in:

And after we put all our junk in (scary!):

Here it is today. I wish I remembered to take a pic of the fan that used to be in there. It was FUGLY! You can sort of see the blades of it in the before pic, but it doesn’t do it justice. Basically picture something out of the 80’s that’s bulky and adorned in gold. We purchased the light you see in this pic from IKEA for 25 bucks including a light kit. Don’t ask how it was installed because I have no idea. It involved re-wiring and adding outlets in the ceiling?!?!? Good thing Hubby is handy.

Here is the view from the other side.

And a wider shot:

I also switched up the stuff I had on the desk, and staged it a bit. Yep I’m reading HGTV’s new mag! Love it.

A close-up of the corner. The pic is from our Anniversary and the necklace was my Grandma’s. I love having it out and displayed instead of hidden in a drawer somewhere. The sign is what I would be doing EVERYDAY if I lived near a beach. ❤

On the wall opposite of the closet we put a mirror. It’s perfect for a quick outfit check on my way out the door!

Eventually we want a day bed under the window, but for now we have bigger plans to tackle (bathroom renovation is a GO). I’d love to try to DIY something to save mula, stay tuned!



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11 responses to “Craft/Office Progress

  1. Looks great! Your closet doors turned out fantastic! I know you are so pleased with them! I must be living under a rock. I didn’t realize HGTV had a magazine! Can you tell me where you got your sign for the beach? I love it. We lived in Charleston, SC about 25 minutes from the beach and just moved to Minnesota. I miss my beach! I always say that I am happiest when my toes are in the sand so that sign is pretty much ME!!!!

    • Thanks! Yes HGTV recently came out with a magazine! I still need to subscribe, but I’ve picked up a few issues and love it so far. I got the sign from TJ Maxx, I wish I knew where to find another! I love anything about the beach as it sounds like you do too. 😉

  2. Janice Cooke

    This is so cool!! Good job and of course your impecable taste! MMM wonder where you got that? I would say good combination of mom and dad! Is that Grandmas necklace? XXXOOO

  3. So pretty! You did a GREAT job!

  4. Kari

    I want to paint my pantry doors in chalk board paint now! I think it would be much cuter for me to write a quick grocery list or message on. Love this!

  5. Love the rug, where is it from?


    Do you happen to know the name of your living room and office bedroom paint color? I love your light, fresh colors… it’s so difficult picking out paint colors!!!

    • I hear ya on picking paint colors. We are currently trying to choose some for our Master Bedroom. The living room color is Wheat Bread by Bher and the office is called Mystical Sea by Bher. Happy Painting!

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