What to do with my closet doors?

I shared my progress on my craft room/office here I’m still at a stand still for now, but I would love to transform my closet doors! Currently I have the sliding flat doors that are sort of, well, boring. So I decided to search for some alternative ideas that I could use to spice them up. I haven’t executed any of these plans yet, but here is what I came up with.

First on the list are these awesome chalkboard doors. This would be the easiest, least expensive way of making them over. I loved that they added the white stripe! So cute. (Pic credit here, I couldn’t find a link to her actual blog)

Next up are these awesome barn doors! LOVE, LOVE this idea but it will take a little more craft work and lots of help from Trav that I’m not sure he has time for right now. If I did decide to go with this it would be awhile before I see the finished product. (Pic credit here)

And the last thing I found was the idea to replace sliding doors with real doors! I think this is so clever, and I feel like it would be so much more accessible. (Pic credit here)


I’ve also though about using curtains. This would also be relatively inexpensive, but then I’d have to make that closet REALLY pretty because I feel like the curtains would always be open partially. Don’t get me wrong I love organizing, but that closet houses all of our ugly stuff that would be hard to hide. Hmmm lots of decisions. I’m going to try to start one of these projects next week if my busy schedule permits.



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4 responses to “What to do with my closet doors?

  1. So glad I found your blog! I just bought my first house too! My boyfriend and I are just waiting for our closing date to move in! It should be this month! We are super excited to get started on some DIY projects and renovations. Can’t wait to read about your journey. Good luck! 🙂

  2. I’ve been thinking of different options too. We didn’t put the doors back on my husbands closer because they were nasty bi fold doors and no one goes into our room but us. However, we are about to tackle my daughters future room and would like to do something else. We have a few ideas but there are a lot of options. Love those chalkboard doors!!! Something like that with the magnetic paint too would be fun for my daughter. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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