Kitchen Progress

I have decided to start sharing progress photos of all the rooms in my house. It has been a full year that we’ve been in our humble abode and by golly we have accomplished a lot! I guess I was always waiting for things to be completed before sharing, but heck nothing is ever complete. The first room to reveal? The kitchen.

Oh and now would be a good time to mention Hubby accidently deleted the folder with all my before pics of the house. 😦 So here is what we could come up with after trying to recover said photos. 

Here is an action shot of ripping up the flooring. Hooray!

Upper cabinets are getting installed and painting is complete.

And here is what our kitchen looks like today. We decided to vary the height and depth of the cabinets for a more custom look. It also makes the space look bigger as opposed to making them go all the way to the ceiling (that would have made them 5 ft cabinets). Plus I would never use the space up there. To be honest I don’t even have enough stuff to fill all my current cabinet space! Hence the pitchers and fake plants in there. I am still searching for the perfect items to take their place.

And a reminder of the before and after:

So there you have it! A whole lot of progress on our kitchen. We couldn’t be happier with the result.

Oh and in case you’re wondering:

  • Granite color is Kashmir White
  • Cabinets: We kept the lower cabinets(replaced doors and drawers), and had a cabinet guy my hubby used to work for build the upper cabinets. He was originally going to paint them himself, but with flooring and other projects going on he opted to have them professionally painted too.
  • Appliances are all LG and have held up amazingly
  • Faucet is from home depot you can find out more about it here
  • Cabinet hardware is from Lowe’s
  • Lighting is from Lamps Plus

And I think that about covers it! If you’d like to know where I got anything else, just ask.



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111 responses to “Kitchen Progress

  1. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life

    Oh my goodness, what a transformation. I am totally impressed. Love, love, love it all. Hugs, Marty

  2. Sabra Powell

    Are your floors tile? It is beautiful.

  3. I’m coming over from Better After and I LOVE your kitchen! I’d take everything!!! I love the idea of tile floor that looks like wood. We have wood throughout our house but our kitchen has hidiously ugly white tile with gigantic grout lines (a diy job gone bad from the previous homeowner). Some day I will have a kitchen like yours!!!!! I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of your house!

  4. (trying to comment after wordpress kicked me out)… I came over from Better After and I LOVE your kitchen! I hope that mine will look that good some day once we start our remodel. I’d even take the BEFORE photos compared to my nasty kitchen! Some day. I can’t wait to see the rest of your house as you remodel!

    • That is exactly why we went with wood tiles, so we wouldn’t have to tile the kitchen in something different. There is nothing I love more than white cabinets against dark wood. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Jae

    It’s beautiful. We are on the same wavelength (chose white cabinets and kashmir white granite as well)!

  6. Marcy

    What color is on the walls?

  7. reshmasanjeev

    Love everything about your new kitchen. It looks beautiful.

  8. Oh my stars and heart… that is stunning!!!!!! I love dark floors and white cabinets! We just bought a new home and I couldn’t find one that had white cabinets! Yours are gorgeous!!! You have a great eye!

  9. Sarah

    Love everything about your kitchen…especially the pendent lights. They are amazing! Great job on everything!

  10. angie

    Hey there…I came over from Better After as well. I love your entire kitchen but am really smitten with the pendent lighting!!!!

  11. Maywine

    I love to follow decorating blogs and your kitchen is amazing. Congratulations!!!

    Would you please consider adding info if or when your appliances require maintenance, repair or replacement? I come from a time when stoves, refrigerators and laundry equipment lasted 15 to 20 years (or more) and even a dishwasher was about 10 years.

    Not talking about color or improvements……..which can happen much sooner. Simply does it work as advertised and continues to do so.

    In any event…….keep up the incredibly good work!


    • Well I am no expert in appliances, but so far we have had no problems with any of them. My hubby is a big researcher so if he says LG is good, then it must be good! lol. I am hoping that we can get a good 15 to 20 years out of them!

  12. This is my dream kitchen! You guys did an absolutely beautiful job! I would love to know what kind of flooring you have–Its so pretty!

  13. Very pretty. I like the white cabinets against the darker floors.

  14. Christine

    What a beautiful kitchen makeover! Very elegant looking! Can I ask what the measurements of the kitchen are? Also, are the countertops granite? What is the manufacturer name & color of countertops? Great job!

    • It’s about 8 x 13 feet including the cabinets. And yes the countertops are a granite called Kashmire White, we got it at a local place but I think I’ve seen it at Home Depot? Any granite place should carry it and it is reasonably priced too. Hope that helps! 🙂

  15. Ksimms

    Omg I love it! My favorite though is the pendant lighting! I am going back and forth from traditional to modern to a blend of the two, cannot decide! But I love yours! Great job though!

  16. Ksimms

    Where is it from?

  17. Stopping by from BetterAfter and so glad I did. Your kitchen is amazing. Great job! I am saving these pictures to do my kitchen in the future. White cabinets & dark floors are the best. Love every bit of it!

  18. WOW! What a HUGE improvement!! Really you guys did a fantastic job on your kitchen. Found you from Better After. Thanks for sharing your finnished kitchen.
    Lindsay @

  19. nonsense_with_stars

    Beautiful! Any chance of getting a budget breakdown? We have a 9×12 kitchen that looks eerily similar that we’re thinking of remodeling…probably to something that still looks eerily similar! 😉

  20. nonsense_with_stars

    Beautiful! Any chance of a budget breakdown? Our kitchen is almost identical to yours (the measurements and placement of appliances, anyway). 🙂

  21. Christine

    This is amazing! Do you mind if I ask what the total cost was?

  22. Laura

    Just love what you’ve done, the Ho hum kitchen comes alive!

  23. vicky and jack

    The subtle attention to detail is what makes this kitchen–little things like the grout not being white. I’m in the process of ordering my cabinets and would love some help! Can you tell me the measurement of the height of your smallest drawer front? And the raised panels on those same drawers (Stiles and rails)? I was told I can’t have raised panels on my drawers since the fronts are only 5.5″ high. ;-( Any help is appreciated.

    • How exciting! It’s so much fun to pick stuff out. The measurement of my smallest drawer is 5.5″ so I’m not sure why they would say you can’t have raised panels on yours? Unless the stile and rails are thicker than ours? I wish I could be of more help but I’m not very knowledgable in the cabinet department!

  24. Have you done a post on the budget for this kitchen? My husband and I are wanting to renovate our small kitchen and getting a rough estimate would be great. Thanks!

    • Yes it is my most recent post. I don’t have an exact price for everything, and some of the prices include multiple things (not including kitchen stuff) but at least you can get an idea? Trav and I called around to get estimates of things and made a rough budget before starting. It was exhausting at times, but well worth it in the end!

  25. bridget

    where did you buy just cabinet doors?

    • We had a cabinet guy make them. We would have loved to buy them ourselves if we weren’t replacing the upper cabinets already. It is a shaker style door if that helps?

  26. Christine

    Hi There,
    Love your kitchen! You mentioned that you had your cupboards professionally painted… I have a few questions. First, what colour did you use for the cabinets, how long does something like this take? Also, what kind of price would it be to have that done?

    • Well not sure on the color, we basically told him a bright white and left it in his hands. As far as the painting, it took him half a day to prep and paint. Luckily it was nice outside and we were able to have the windows open to air the place out. The pricing I’m not sure on either since it was included in the price of building our upper cabinets, entertainment center, and built in desk with cabinets. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  27. Jill

    Beautiful! Do you know the name Or a key word for the penant lighting? I can’t find the beauties at lamps plus….

  28. Carrie

    What an amazing transformation! I am a HUGE fan of white cabinets and counters with subway tile backsplash and dark floors. It makes the work area so light and bright and the dark floor keeps a nice contrast. Great job!

  29. Deborah Zelewski

    Beautiful kitchen. Is your subway tile shiny and is the grout gray?

  30. Aaron Blake

    Great look for your Kitchen, I am an australian interior / Kitchen designer
    first time on this site, just one Question. I noticed that all the microwave ovens in your kitchens stick out from the cabinets, we install ours flush to the cabinets. is this a regulatory requirement?

    • Hmm, good question and I’m sorry to say I have no idea on the answer. It is flush with the cabinet above the microwave but the other cabinets are varied depths so maybe it’s just how we told him we wanted the depths? I wasn’t really involved in the measurement conversations with the guy that built them… wish I could be more help!

  31. There was really a big transformation on this. I have to say, though, that I actually like both. I really love wooden furniture and appearance, so the before kitchen was okay. Nonetheless, you really did a great job. The kitchen looks so modern and very fresh-looking. Thank you for sharing this.

  32. We’re in the process of remodeling a tiny galley kitchen and I hope it turns out to be half as beautiful as yours! I do have some questions about your over-the-range microwave. First, how high is the bottom of the microwave from the top of the range? We’re getting conflicting messages from others about what is “standard.” Also, does your microwave attach to ventilation or does the fan vent out of the front? Thanks in advance for you any help you can provide!

    • Hello Kate! We ended up using the same format that was there before. So from the top of our countertop to the bottom of the microwave it measures 17 inches. Not sure if this is “standard” but I assume so because that is what the way the builder built it for the original owners. As for the ventilation, ours goes through the wall and outside directly behind where it is installed. Hope this helps a little! Good luck with your renovations. 🙂

  33. Julie

    What is the color of paint you used on your walls? Love it!

  34. Tnale

    I love your kitchen and am actually going to see how I might be able to make something similar work for me!!! I’m wondering – can you tell me the width of your bar counter top? My kitchen is set up almost exactly like yours and my current breakfast bar is a bit too wide, I think. Wondering what your width?

    • Sorry for the delay! Our breakfast bar width is 94″ width by 16″ depth. Looking back I probably would have done a little more of an overhang for bar stools as the current depth only gives us 8 “. Hope this helps! Good luck. 🙂

  35. Amy

    What color are your floors and where did you get them? Are they real hardwood?

  36. Loooooove the counter! I’ll have to tuck that one away for later, great job!

  37. Meghan

    I also want to replace upper cabinets and lower cabinet doors with a white finish. For the things you bought, did you purchased white finished cabinets/doors or unfinished oak and painted it so it matched the painted lower cabinets? I’m just concerned about the finish matching. Thanks so much for sharing your remodeling adventures!

    • Hey Meghan!

      We bought finished white cabinets (so they have smoother finish than oak). You can see a bit of texture in the lower cabinets where we painted over oak but not enough to notice unless you are really looking. Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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  39. Jill Samples

    We are having that exact flooring installed right now! Love, love, love it! Can you please tell me the color of grout you used? Our installer is trying to tell me to use one close in color to the flooring but i like the lighter color!

    • I know isn’t it great! The grout color is called Cajun Coffee. Honestly though we did the grout ourselves and it turned out way lighter than the color swatch. I would talk to your installer and see how accurate the color will come out and plan accordingly. 🙂 Good luck!

  40. RT89

    Great job!!! Wish I can do something similar in my apartment. I liked a lot the glass doors where you can see the decor.
    Can you please upload/email a picture of the cabinets from the other side (below faucet, dishwasher, etc) r.trevino.e at gmail com thanks!!!

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    Keeр boost tҺe good worκ! You realizе, a great deeal of folks are
    hunting around for this paгticular information, you could help
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  42. So I have a question. I want to order this flooring and was wondering, you now have had to live with the tile for a while. Has it chipped or anything? Do you still love it? Do you have any regrets about it? Your response will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much Kalie! 🙂 And fab kitchen!

    • We really love it! I think it’s a great option for wood tile flooring. We did notice a few chips after the installation, which was probably there before the tile went down and we didn’t notice. Nothing a permanent brown marker couldn’t fix! Other than that it still looks brand new. Good luck!!!

  43. Ann

    How to you clean the floor?

  44. ekm5014

    Do you know what color/brand the grout is on the backsplash?

  45. Margaret

    Hi, I love your kitchen! I’m interested in your cabinet door style… how wide are the rails around the edges – 2 1/4″, 2 3/4″, or ? are they just a shaker style? Thanks!

  46. Leah crews

    Looks beautiful! What brand and color is the flooring you chose?

  47. Beckie

    Your kitchen looks amazing! Looking to renovate ours in pretty much the exact same way. Was wondering if you had the specs of the tile?

  48. Ann

    what color is the grout? It looks nice with the granite.

  49. Sarah

    I’d ❤ more info on your backsplash. What color is it, brand, and where did you get it? What kind/color of grout did you use?

    Thanks a million!

  50. Christina

    Where are your lights from and what color are your walls? Also, are the cabinets custom or name brand??

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  52. What paint color did you use? Thanks!

  53. Jackie

    I love your new kitchen! we bought 1905 Victorian home 6 years ago! we redid guest/laundry room over n turned the previous owners office back into the dining room! Last summer we rrpl

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  55. Leslie

    Love your kitchen! I am getting ready to remodel mine, and using yours as an inspiration. 🙂 Can you tell me what grout color you used on the backsplash? It the subway tile just a plain shiny white? And did you use flat or beveled tiles? It looks amazing!

  56. Sarah

    I’d love to know where you found doors and drawers. The ones I’ve found cost almost as much as a new set of cabinets!

  57. Kelsey

    Beautiful! Do you know how wide your kitchen is?

  58. Stacy

    I love your remodel. It is just beautiful! We are remodeling our kitchen and are looking at sinks. What type of sink is in you kitchen?

  59. Amy O

    Beautiful kitchen! This is basically what I have planned for my remodel this spring (even the same granite). I was wondering if you could tell me more about the grout on the backsplash…brand and color? Thank you!!

  60. suzy

    WOW thank you so much, your new kitchen is exactly what i have planned , amazing, I just printed out your before and after photos, your old kitchen looks like mine now, lol … but not for long…Your kitchen looks absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

  61. Lori

    What is your paint color for the kitchen redo?

  62. Kerri D

    Love your kitchen renovation. Where is your floor from? Is it hard wood or laminate?

  63. kijonaiaartstudio

    I loooove the size of your kitchen! I was wondering if you knew how many square feet it was? It’d be absolute perfection for when we build our house next year. 🙂

  64. Victoria

    Looks lovely. Those glass cabinets need some
    I’m curious, how much does a Reno like this cost, approximately? I’m liking at buying now, and I keep thinking “all that needs is a counter top and backsplash” etc etc, but I have no idea how much of an expense that usually is. I imagine I would do it like you have; try to find good deals and use professionals who offer reasonable pricing.

  65. Csk

    I like your floors. What is the brand and name? Where can I get it??

  66. catherine

    Your kitchen is beautiful. Its is the same shape as our new / 15 year old home we have just purchased by the beach. I hope you don’t mind but I think we just might steal a few of your ideas. Darker marble bench tops maybe, just to be different. Well done on a great job to you and your hubby. 😀

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  68. Alaina

    What kind of hardwood flooring is that and what is the color?

  69. Jen Owen

    Not sure if you are still replying to comments and questions. But here goes. Do you have the measurements for each of the walls? I want to do something similar but don’t know about the spacing. Do you often have more than one person in the kitchen at a time?

  70. Candice

    Love what you have done and the documentation. We are replacing our formal dinning and living rooms with a dark bamboo as our next project and then we will do the kitchen and yours is exactly what I have in mind!

  71. Sara

    How much money did you spend on that?

  72. Donna M

    Your kitchen is gorgeous and inspired me to choose Kashmir White granite for countertops. Have you had any issues with staining? I’ve heard that lighter granite is more prone to stains than darker granite, but I just cannot go dark.

  73. Janice

    Wow! Amazing job!!

    Curious if you took down the rest of the wall by the sink? (To the left in pic)

  74. Kristen

    DO you know the measurements of your cabinets? Your kitchen is the exact same size and layout as mine.I am wanting to get some made and was wondering about price. LOVE LOVE your kitchen!!

  75. Lindsey

    Your kitchen looks amazing! Do you have any pictures from the other direction (facing the sink)? Your layout is exactly like mine, but looks so much more practical than mine. Is there a dishwasher beside the sink?

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