Pillow Talk!

I had my first encounter with a sewing machine the other day! Well… I should really say a friend of mine helped me sew my first pillow. And now I can’t wait to get a sewing machine of my own. 🙂

Okay so here is the fabric I found… It was only 18 dollars for 3 yards of fabric on clearance! Score!

I watched my friend do the first pillow, and then she left me alone to sew most of the second. I didn’t want to tackle sewing the final side quite yet. I figured that is something I could practice with scrap fabric one day.

So here is a pic of how they turned out. Oh and don’t mind the pooch, he thought I wanted his picture. 😉



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6 responses to “Pillow Talk!

  1. Sue

    LOVE the pillows–great job, and the adorable dog looks so real also!!

  2. just discovered your blog! love it! where is your couch from?

  3. Where did you get this fabric?!

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