Organizing the Pantry!

This was my pantry. A disgusting mess!

One day I decided something needed to be done and off to TJ Maxx I went…

It took me a few days to start the process… first I took everything out.

Then I painted the walls with a leftover color I had laying around (Chocolate Froth by Bher). It ended up being lighter than I wanted but better than white.  After some organizing and sorting, this is what I produced:

And I’m happy to report it has stayed this way for more than a week! I basically put anything pretty on the shelves and everything else went in baskets. Now I don’t mind leaving the pantry door open! Ha.



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5 responses to “Organizing the Pantry!

  1. Janice Cooke

    Well my perfect little organizer! Looks amazing! Can you do that to my pantry?
    Love MOM

  2. JamieC from AZ

    I didn’t think that the inside of a pantry could look so cute organized! Great job!

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