Quick Project!

A friend of mine had the idea to take some of her old artwork, and make it into a chalkboard! Well when she couldn’t find a place for it, she generously offered it to me. Score! I decided to spray paint the frame white (since it would match my decor better), so here it is all taped up…

Then I took it out to the garage and started spraying (long strides back and forth). I’d go around the frame with this motion about 4-5 times, then let it dry and repeat until it was covered.

I then painted over her chalkboard will roll-on chalkboard paint. She used the spray paint and said it was hard to erase and the spray paint was a bit thin. Here is what it looked like after, I haven’t written on it yet because it says to wait 3 days, but love the way it came out! I’d planned on making my own chalkboard frame, but so glad I got to repurpose this instead! Way less work. Thanks Jamie. 😉



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8 responses to “Quick Project!

  1. Janice Cooke

    What a perfect spot! You did a good job!

    Love Mom XXOO

  2. Amy

    Love your home! I have an old frame that I want to do this with. Do you put the chalkboard paint right over the glass?? Thanks!

    • Well the picture I did had a canvas printed painting on it, so I painted right over that and it worked. However I’m pretty sure I’ve seen in done on glass too, google it just to be sure. 😉

  3. Cute, cute, cute!!! I have so many old pictures. I think I want to do this and hang it in the pantry so we can write down what we need!

  4. Annie

    OK I realize this is about your cute project but can I just say I LOVE your baseboards!!! We also have rounded corners but I wanted them to look seamless. Where did you get your corner pieces and your baseboards?! Do you remember the brand/style that you got? LOVE!!!

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