Favorite Purchase

Okay so no progress pics yet… sadly finishing touches take much longer than expected. In the meantime I will share my favorite, most worth-while purchase thus far. I bet your thinking its probably a piece of furniture or pretty pillow or something? Wrong. I am actually head over heels in LOVE our faucet (the one I wrote about here). Not because of its beauty or elegant shape, but because it is SPOT RESISTANT! If you do not have a spot resistant faucet I strongly urge you to get one. Basically imagine never having water spots on your faucet, just thinking about it makes me giddy. One less thing to clean makes me one happy girl.

And for those of you wondering, here is the link to Home Depot, where we purchased it.



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8 responses to “Favorite Purchase

  1. lindsay

    hey! what faucet is this? we are buying one tomorrow…sorry for late notice hehe! just stumbled upon this! thanks!! lindsay(DOT)hooten(AT)gmail.com

  2. Alwina

    I would like to know the deets on the faucet as well. alwinamail (at) gmail (dot) com Please. Thank you. Also, since you seem to be somewhat of an expert. Can you tell me what an “8 inch on center” means? I think it is the spacing between the hot and cold levers, yes? We can’t afford to change the sink before our remodel, but we need to change the faucet. Will I be stuck with the four hole variety because the faucet that we inherited is four holes – faucet, hot, cold, and sprayer, or is there a way to adapt and use this type of faucet? I hope that makes sense.

    • From the Hubby…
      You are correct about the 8 inch on center. Basically, you will have 4 inches from the center of the center hole to the center of the hot/cold hole, 8 inches total. Most kitchen faucets will come with a single hole and a 3 hole mount, so you can do it either way out of the box. In your situation you would use the three hole mount. Use the center hole for the faucet and the base plate would cover the hot/cold holes. Many kitchen faucets will also come with a soap dispenser that you could put in the 4th hole so you would have all your holes covered.

      Also I am going to add the faucet link to the blog post! Hope this helped.:)

  3. I need a new faucet and really have not been able to make up my mind to stay with chrome or go with brushed – glad to know it really is spotless. Please send me the link on the faucet, too. kingcgt at verizon dot net

    • I love it! You may have to wipe it down with a damp rag every once in awhile, but it such an improvement from our bathroom faucet which has permanent water spots on it! Also I added the link to Home Depot in the post. 🙂

  4. Angie

    I’m not sure Home Depot will still have this faucet but I would love the details if you still have them. (ayoung01_2000@yahoo.com). This is just the type we’ve been looking for, and spot resistent is great. Beautiful job on your home. How are the “wood look” porcelain tiles holding up? We are also thinking of those as an option. Thanks.

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