From shower curtain to curtain panel!

Between outta town family visits and starting a new job, I seemed to have lost track of time, but it sure feels good to get back to bloggin. 🙂

My hubby’s parents came in from Idaho last week and planned to stay at our humble abode. I have to admit it was pretty stressful leading up to their visit, but it sure lit a fire under our butt to get some prejects wrapped up. One of the major to-do’s was their guest bedroom.

I frantically searched for curtains and pillows to match the white bedspread I already had, but came up empty handed on several occasions. 😦 However 2 days before they arrived I found a pretty-pattern shower curtain from Target. I was planning on using it for their guest bath and adding fabric on the bottom for extra length, but then I ran across 10$ clearance pillows that matched exactly. My mind was made up! All I had to do was turn my one shower curtain into two curtain panels. Easy.

Here’s how I made a NO-SEW hem:

1. First I folded the shower curtain in half and ironed the crease so I would have a straight line to cut on. Then I cut it into two panels.

3. I then got out my trusty Heat and Bond which I got near the sewing section in Walmart.

4. I then lined up my Heat and Bond and ironed over the paper side all the way down to the edge like so.

5. Peel back the paper right after ironing (it should come off pretty easy).

6. Then fold over and iron so that the glue can now adhere to the other side!

7. I repeated this with the other panel and used curtain clips from Target to hang them. Violla! Told ya it was easy.

Before I reveal the progress we’ve made let me remind you of how it once was. Sorry for the bad quality! Oh and I spy something that looks like a four-legged mop. Bahah that’s my Tootie.

And here is what a few coats of paint with some pillows and a shower curtain did! It’s still a work in progress, but an improvement nevertheless. It now needs some pretty artwork, a few pieces of furniture, and some pillows to break up the blues.



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3 responses to “From shower curtain to curtain panel!

  1. That is so clever! There are so many times I have seen a pretty shower curtain and thought how cute it would be as a curtain! Great job! I may have to look into this Heat n Bond as I have ZERO sewing skills!!! Cute!!!

    • The only bummer about using a shower curtain is that you don’t have much length, but you can always add extra fabric at the bottom using the same Heat n Bond method.

  2. Sharon

    I’ve been looking to do this, super simple instructions.

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