How to spray paint a mirror frame.

Don’t laugh at my title, some people don’t know these things… including myself. But I figured it out and transformed a bathroom mirror. Here are the few easy steps. (Disclaimer: I don’t know if this is the norm way to do it, but it totally worked for me!)

1. Cut out a rectangle of painters plastic and place over the mirror. The static should make this pretty easy.

2. Carefully line up painters tape so that it is right on the edge of the mirror. I even tried to push it under the frame of the mirror to avoid having to scrape off any remainder paint with a razor blade at the end. I folded the plastic so it fit under the tape just right. Here’s what it looked like when I finished:

3. Now it’s time to whip out your spray paint! I put some plastic down in our backyard and held it down with tile scraps. This is important because a gust of wind could easily blow the plastic edges onto your fresh paint (yes, I speak from experience). Also, as I was finishing handy hubby told me I should have spray painted with the item standing up, but my frame came out close to perfect so I’m going to share anyway!

4. Shake your spray paint can for about 1 minute or 2 and spary back and forth a few times in long strides (basically go from one corner to the other). Then move to the next side and repeat. I did a few rotations until it looked like the mirror was pretty covered.

5. I let it dry throughly and went back to give a few more coats, just to brighten it up and viola! A black mirror turns crisp and white. Don’t mind my dirty floors, we were in the process of grouting!





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12 responses to “How to spray paint a mirror frame.

  1. Grace

    This is really helpful. I too want to transform a tired old mirror into something more modern, I have bought a silver (chrome finish) spray paint, but I will use your method and hopefully get good results! thanks again – Grace x

    • It’s funny how a little spray paint can spruce things up! I just used the same method on another chalkboard frame and I love it. Hope it works out for you Grace. šŸ™‚

  2. Alyssa

    Hi, I just came across your blog and love it! Was the frame wood or veneer? I have a framed picture and framed mirror bought from Kirkland’s and would like them to be white. I think they both are just plastic made to look like a dark wood though. Will your method still work?

  3. Shauna Tiner

    How will spray paint hold up in the bathroom with moisture?


  4. anureet

    Hi – what paint did you use for the glossy finish? Im from the UK and hoping to buy the paint and do this weekend! thank you x

  5. Lois

    Mine is an expensive wood mirror with grooves. Can I still spray paint it?

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  7. PJ

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing for this is my next project.

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