Kitchen Progress

This last week has been crazy and I’ve had no time to update, my apologies. But it’s about time I let you in on the kitchen progress. Our cabinet guy called early last week to inform us that he would be installing cabinets Friday or Sunday. YIPEE!

I was also a bit frazzled because this meant I had to pick a color and paint the entire kitchen by Friday. Well after 3 or 4 trips to Home Depot we decided on this color (The Perfect Taupe by Behr). It goes very nicely with the paint we chose for the majority of the house which I wrote about here.

So when Thursday rolled around we eagerly awaited the much-anticipated phone call from our cabinet guy to confirm he would be coming the next day. Sadly no phone call came and we went to bed. However, we were abruptly awoken by Trav’s phone and it was none other than the cabinet guy himself! Cabinets were going in Friday after-all. Yay.

Here is a reminder of our kitchen cabinets before:

And here is a pic of how the cabinets look today. All bottom drawers and doors are missing, the crown isn’t finished, and glass still needs to be installed (our cabinet guy should wrap it up by next week). But hey what an improvement! We are also planning on starting the backsplash next week and will hopefully have appliances in by the next weekend. Can’t wait. 🙂

Oh and you can see the paint color we chose ABOVE the cabinets, I love the contrast between the paint, cabinets, and flooring.

It will be only a matter of weeks before I have a fully-functional kitchen again! Can I get a WOOT, WOOT! Sorry, it’s been 62 days since I’ve had a kitchen. Let’s just say I’m pretty tired of eating out 24/7!!



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3 responses to “Kitchen Progress

  1. Lisa

    Love what you have done with your kitchen. Will you tell me the paint color on your cabinets?

  2. Chris K.

    Can you tell me the distance (ft.) between your cabinets (width between the refrigerator & sink cabinet)…thanks!

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