Sink and Faucet

So we’ve had our kitchen sink for awhile now, and it’s about time I give you the rundown of how we got it.

My hubby owns a plumbing company and visits the ol’ plumbing warehouse on a daily basis. Well one day while he was waiting for some sort of plumbing part (don’t really know what he was doing ), he stumbled upon this gorgeous, white, under-mount sink:

And yep that price is just what we paid!!  75 Buckaroos! That is over 300$ in savings compared to the normal price tag of 390$. SCORE! And apparently it was heavily discounted because of a hairline scratch that I still can’t seem to find. So needless to say we were very happy with our purchase!

We also saved mula on this beautiful faucet, thanks again to my plumber hubby! We didn’t save nearly as much as we did on the sink  (50$ in faucet savings), but hey every bit counts! So the morale of the story is, it pays to be a plumber… literally!


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