Renovation Reality

I vowed that I would share the good, the bad, and the ugly of our home renovation and design. So today I decided to reveal a bit of the ugly as I experience a renovation reality check.

For starters, this is our spare bedroom… we avoid this place at all costs. Unfortunately it contains most of our possessions, so we really hardly ever avoid it.

And this is what our house looks like on a weekly basis. In these pics we were adding several cans, pandants, and other various light fixtures. If you were wondering, we didn’t do this by ourselves. Travy’s Uncle Jeff came in town to show us the ropes! However now Trav thinks he is an electrician and has lots of other projects he wants to attempt (let’s just say this scares me and Keva).

Not only do I have a mess on the inside, but I also have this beautiful pile o’ junk to look at outside. I thought having weeds was bad enough, but add thinset stains, tile scraps, and old countertops to the mix and it just gets plain unbearable!

So there you have it, our embarrassing mess of place we call home, for now. But don’t you worry! Cabinets and flooring could possibly be done this week. This means I’ll finally have something other than messes to show you. 🙂



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2 responses to “Renovation Reality

  1. Kelly

    Oh my gosh I I realize this is a year later but if I were to go outside I would be able to take nearly the exact same picture. We are currently remodeling our kitchen so everything is a mess. I think we are going to go with kashmir white countertops (how I found your blog). Do you still love them?

    • I remember those days! Eek. And yes we still LOVE the Kashmir white. It was also one of the most reasonabley priced at the time we bought it!

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