Home, Sweet, Home

And so the blog begins! Well let’s start with some background info. I’ve been married for over a year now to my fantastic hubby Travis, or Travy, as I like to call him.  We just recently purchased our first house and we can’t wait to turn the plain and simple into chic and elegant. In reality, we will probably turn it into a hot mess, but we’d like to start off optimistic. 😉 Nevertheless, I’m here to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly of our home renovation and design.  So please bare with our corny jokes and confusing metaphors as we dive in to tackle our biggest project to date! But enough babbling let’s get to the BEFORE pics…

Here she is! Aren’t you wowed by the charm and gorgeous finishes? Kidding! No, she’s not gorgeous, but we love the floor-plan and location and believe that with some TLC and a few DIY projects, she will turn into quite the beauty! Our first conquest will be the floors, which as you can see now, consist of linoleum, carpet, and cheap wood. Not really the look we’re going for… So stay tuned to see what we chose and how much progress we’ve made!



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2 responses to “Home, Sweet, Home

  1. Chris K.

    Hi.. In your kitchen, can you tell me the width of the floor between the refrigerator and sink? I have almost the same size kitchen and I think this layout may work out nicely when we do our renovation. Thanks! 🙂

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